I am continually amazed how much people pay for golf clubs when they can be had for so much less. My strategies include:

  1. Using eBay auctions to find great deals on used golf clubs (some current golf club auctions are shown below… please scroll down…). If you’ve never shopped on eBay, click here for some buyer’s tips
  2. The great Callaway Golf Pre-Owned and Outlet website that not only offers all kinds of Callaway used golf clubs — from 2007 release drivers to Odessey putters — but they show you the price for each kind of condition and offer great trade in services (if you happen to own some other Callaway clubs that you’re done with.)
  3. Clone golf club websites like PinemeadowGolf.com which offer quality products at amazingly low prices.

Please find below number of ads that I hope you will find to be useful and which can help you to get you started getting great deals on golf clubs. I have personally bought golf clubs from all three of these companies and have been satisfied with the clubs, the service and the savings!

Callaway Golf Clubs at Callaway Golf Pre-Owned

Pinemeadow Golf: Custom Golf Clubs

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