British Open Champ, Louis Oosthuizen with Claret JugSome thought it was boring to see a little known pro win The Open Championship by seven strokes. I thought it was brilliant.

Two things:

First, he epitomized the one thing all golfers want… consistency.

Second, he does what most of us know we should do, but which very few of us actually practice. He appeared to swing at 75%.

Of course, he still hits the ball WAY far (#4 in driving distance, #1 in driving accuracy for the Open), but he was never out of balance. He was always swinging “within himself.” I found that balance–which must have also been related to the way he kept his emotional balance under all that pressure–to be nothing less than inspiring.

In fact, I went out yesterday with his kind of balanced, 75% swing in mind as my intention or mental focus. It worked. An 86 from the blue/forward/members tees at Stonetree. Definite improvement. Progress, one swing at a time.

Thanks, Louis! You deserve everything that’s coming your way. And, nice “icing on the cake” that you happened to win The Open on Nelson Mandela’s birthday. Perfect.

Just my two cents. What did you think?

P.S. I look forward to catching up with the blog posts in my head that haven’t appeared on this blog yet very soon. These include my trip to the US Open at Pebble Beach and playing with a fabulous golf simulator in Paris, France.

Oh yeah, I seem to be making progress with my golf game as well. Awareness rules. More soon.

I look forward to your comments, please.