While John Updike has been appropriately eulogized as a Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, poet, art & literary critic, etc., he also deserves to be appreciated for his exquisite expressions that spoke to the heart of the beloved and mystifying game of golf. Thus, I was delighted to receive the quote below from the Shivas Irons Society. By way of my small tribute, I offer this quote and a link to their tribute page below. Thanks, Mr. Updike!

“…What a beautiful thing a swing is, what a bottomless source of instruction and chastisement! The average golfer, if I am a fair specimen, is hooked when he hits his first good shot; the ball climbs into the air all of its own, it seems–a soaring speck conjured from the effortless airiness of an accidentally correct swing.  And then, he or she, that average golfer, spends endless frustrating afternoons, whole decades of them, trying to recover and tame the delicate wildness of that first sweet swing. Was ever any sporting motion so fraught with difficulty and mystery?”

— The Spirit of Golf by John Updike: An introduction to Golf, The Greatest Game, 1994 HarperCollins

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