Stonetree golf course at moonset during AM frost delay, 1-11-09

Stonetree golf course at moonset during AM frost delay, 1-11-09

As the frost delay turned into an exquisitely beautiful day, Stonetree’s Players Club tournament season kicked off with a two-person scramble format event. With an outstanding attendance of 70 players, these tournaments are becoming increasingly popular and fun.

I had connected with my playing partner, “Hoss,” a retired doctor of Middle Eastern desent via the pro shop; and we agreed that our guiding principal was just to have fun. In fact, for me that has been a winning formula (or a kind of non-formula) in the past. Anyway, Hoss saved my ass upon numerous occasions; and I saved his a few times. Thus, as we invoked an exquisite “ham & egg” rhythm, we also established an “I putt first and Hoss follows by making the important putt” pattern that worked magnificently. Making birdies is big fun. 🙂

Bottom line, our two-man scramble team used 50% of our Stonetree total handicap of 32 to reduce our 70 gross score (two-under) into a net 54. This put us into a three-way tie for the win. Yes, there were two other 54 nets. However, Hoss had already left and was not able to return for the playoff, so our final position was third.

Bottom bottom line, net net… we succeeded in our mission to have a great time. Big fun on a beautiful day on an excellent track. Happy New Year!

PS. For those interested in “scoreboards,” click here for the final net results of this tournament.