My apologies for the silence. I’m back, and I’m celebrating the 2nd birthday of this blog (yes, blogs have birthdays). I’m also excited about the New Year, working on a new “Mind Games” article for Sierra Golfer magazine which will feature Dr. Joe Parent of, and witnessing the evolution of my golf game. (More on this last subject in another post coming soon.)

I want to take this opportunity, as we “make the turn” into 2009, to express my gratitude to all of you who have commented and encouraged this effort. My biggest accomplishment of 2008 with regards to “acting as if” I am the Ambassador of Ease is not that I knocked a stroke and a half off my handicap index, but rather that I’ve started to present my keynote “Winning with Ease: The Freedom & Fun of Getting Things Done (as discovered through golf)” in public. (I’ve got a 1-sheet describing this talk now and I’m looking for more venues, if you’re interested.)

Inspiring golf video about DJ Gregory

Inspiring golf video about DJ Gregory

Meanwhile, I’d like to offer this wonderfully inspiring video as a Holiday gift and as an uplifting focus for all of us in the New Year ahead. It’s a wonderful story and if DJ Gregory (a significantly physically challenged young dude) can not only play golf, but walk every hole of every tournament on the PGA Tour, then what will you do with the opportunity that 2009 presents for you?

What will I do with the New Year? Stay tuned. I promise to let you know more regularly.

May it be an inspiring year for us all!