Lorena Ochoa won the Navistar LPGA Classic on Sunday for her seventh win of the year. Was the difference that she tried harder, toughed it out, was good at “grinding,” or any such nonsense? Nah! Her secret was that she decided to have a good time and just play.

Here’s what she said, according to the Associate Press:

“Sometimes you need to play and have a good time, and that’s what I did.”

In my opinion, there is no better strategy. And, as simple as it seems, learning to access this kind of play, especially when the chips are down, takes practice.

I also had fun Friday with a great scramble team that shot 10-under par and came in third at a charity event. As we were on our final holes, one partner said to me (after we had made a string of birdies), “Now, it’s ‘crunch time.'” I had to say, “Don’t talk that way. Let’s just keep having fun.” We did. It was one of the most fun scrambles I’ve ever played.

Just keep having fun, y’all. 😉