I just happened to watch a video clip on my iPhone on the excellent AP Mobile News application where AP Golf Writer Doug Ferguson reports that one of the keys to the US victory in the Ryder Cup was captain/coach Paul Azinger’s “repeatedly” reminding the US team, “Don’t think about the results.” Really.

As regular readers of this golf blog know, this has been a MAJOR lesson for me, especially after my blowup in the Stonetree Club Championship, and it worked for me in the win last Sunday reported below. But, this secret to success as delivered by Azinger wasn’t widely covered (did anyone see this reported anywhere else?) The reward of this approach (besides the win), as Ferguson says, was that we saw the US team “as loose as we’ve ever seen them.”

Likewise, I found it enlightening to read about how Cristie Kerr used a similar approach as taught by Dr. Joe Parent when she recently won the LPGA Safeway Classic. In a post-win interview, she describes her process and learning as published in the ZenGolf.com email newsletter. Here’s a slightly edited excerpt:

Did the work you’ve done on your mental side of the game come in handy today? Cristie Kerr: “Definitely. …It definitely puts things in perspective because you can put too much emphasis on results… Instead my approach now is, you know, focus on the process that I have to go through, and the results will take care of themselves.”

Sound familiar? FYI, Joe Parent is also featured in an excellent profile on page 107-115 about “Happy Golfers” in the October issue of Golf Magazine.

Bottom line, based on my experience and the way these others are “winning with ease,” learning how not to think about the results, developing the ability to just be in the moment and enjoy the process is really an amazingly important and rewarding thing to learn… and to PRACTICE! This has become my primary focus, even while at the range. As Fred Shoemaker taught me, you can actually practice things like letting go, freedom and/or trust. It seems to be working for me, Cristie Kerr, and for the US Ryder Cup team. Way to go!