Charles Schwab Cup logoIn direct contrast to my most recent post, I’m now excited again about learning. 🙂

As I mentioned, as part of their Media Day, I was lucky enough to get to play the beautiful Sonoma Golf Club course yesterday, the home of the annual Charles Schwab Cup Championship that will end the Champions Tour season at the end of October. As you can see in this image from their website, it’s a very beautiful and special place to play golf.Sonoma Golf Club, Sonoma California

Following last Sunday’s blow up round, I approached this round with very little confidence. As painful as it was, I have to admit that it was also a great learning experience in how difficult the game becomes when you are attached to results (even when you know you shouldn’t be… which is part of the fun of tournaments for me.)

The good news is that I used this shakey state of being to play with way more freedom. I didn’t have any choice! Even my attempts to warm up were ragged, so I just had to play, let it go and have low expectations. I guess that I shouldn’t be surprised, but it worked.

Somehow, I actually found my rhythm, connected to the club face and just sent the ball to the target. If I was paying any less attention to results, I wouldn’t have even noticed that I was actually playing pretty consistent golf. It was one of those rare days when I didn’t lose any balls. As promised by my teachers, the score took care of itself. I shot an 85, seven strokes below my “personal par.” Let it be a lesson to me!