More golf in the last few days than I’ve played in such a concentrated period for some time. And I’m playing tomorrow too at Sonoma National after Schwab Cup Media Day and helping Fred Greene do video interviews with a couple of Champion’s Tour players.

I took this picture as the fog was burning off, in the pure excitement of getting ready to play the beautiful and historic Pasatiempo in Santa Cruz with the Shivas Irons Society, this past Thursday morning…

Pasatiempo golf course, no. 1

The event was just plain fun. We didn’t get to warm up, but we did get to hear Fred Shoemaker talk about “The Secret of Golf.” To state it as simply as possible, Fred reminded us that we all already have a “together” swing within us. He sited, at least for me, ample evidence of this fact including his experience with throwing clubs (as described in his book) and all those “2nd guy” swings when we just let it go (with less thinking).

I think one of my favorite comments came from the audience when someone shared something his son had said. He said, “I can go from bad swing, to bad golfer, to bad person in about two seconds.” I did that on Sunday after blowing up in the Stonetree tournament. The desire to win (or at least do well) as well as some physical tiredness took me away from my process goals and the “together swing” that I already have within me. Another learning experience, damn it! 🙂 One thing I learned is that I need to recommit to my “process targets.” (See “Process Targets Rule” below.)

Fred ShoemakerFred, shown here at the Shivas Pasatiempo event, was as passionate as ever about the power of awareness. He said, “Your body doesn’t understand English. It understands a a language called ‘awareness.'” It was challenging and uplifting at the same time. I know that his approach is “the way” for me (as summarized in his book, Extraordinary Golf, The Art of the Possible. Or click here for my mini-review.). Yet, I still find my self with what seems like more than enough work to do. I guess that’s just the journey. When I’m awake enough to know that I’m on it, I benefit and it works for me.

My favorite moment with Fred that day was more accidental. I was on the 8th tee with my group, and Fred and his group including Shivas Irons Society executive director Steve Cohen were coming up the 7th fairway within sight. Steve topped one towards where Fred was walking up the side in front of me. Without missing a beat, Fred took off his baseball-style hat and scooped up the ball. Flipped it into his right hand just like a baseball player, threw it back to Steve and made the “you’re out!” umpire gesture. It was pure play. Fred lives that spirit and I aspire to express more of that spirit. As I’ve said before, there isn’t enough play on the golf course, even though we are said to be “playing golf.” Thanks for all the reminders, Fred.

More from Champions Tour Schwab Cup Media Day at Sonoma real soon. Meanwhile, here’s Pasatiempo at the end of a beautiful day.

Pasatiempo golf course over looking Santa Cruz


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