Tiger at Torey PinesI just wanted to let you all know that I’m still here, still playing, and still learning. Sorry for the absence.

The best news is that I’m starting to give my “Winning with Ease: Life Lessons Learned from Golf” keynote speech in “pilot” mode. I’ll be doing the third one next week. It’s very exciting and coming together amazingly well. FYI, I’m working on scheduling the first real public performance of this uplifting talk. I should have the date for that within the next few weeks or so. It will be at an elegant local Northern California golf course, so please stay tuned for updates if you want to be informed.

As far as my game is concerned, it’s really been down and up, at least in terms of my handicap index. But, I’m excited about recommitting myself to the “process target” of just hitting the ball. Score be damned. I’ve been instructed that the scoring will just take care of itself, and I’ve decided to trust that advice. I’ve been WAY too obsessed with score.

I’ll let you know soon how that goes; and, as the days continue to flow through this beautiful summer, I will try to catch up with some of the many other insights that golfing has provided. Birdies and pars to ya!

(photo by Robert Beck)