I played so poorly last Saturday that I just had to practice on Tuesday before playing beautiful San Geronimo on Wednesday. I more-or-less found my groove again cheap viagra canada and I buy generic cialis 20mg think besides having a better feel for my tempo, it was a focus on fun with a heavy helping of gratitude that provided the basis for a satisfying round.

How could I not feel good? Well, you probably know that’s a rhetorical question, right? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made golf stressful. On the other hand yesterday, before I even arrived at the course, I was feeling good about the opportunity to get out and play. I was also looking forward to spending time and having fun with three guys whose company I definitely enjoy. And the weather… well, I just love days that are mild, with a slight breeze, and a mix of clouds and sun. Perfect.

The idea that is starting to sink in is that when you focus on fun (or any other feel good positive process… for example, I’m still remembering my “stress-free swing of total enjoyment”), the results take care of themselves. Really.

I also appreciated the way keeping a positive attitude let me bounce back quickly after my higher scoring holes.

The result yesterday was a 90 with a 42 on the front nine. One of my best scores at San Geronimo ever, and two below my “personal par” (my current 16.5 index translates to a 20 at San Geronimo.) Progress good. 🙂

(FYI, the photo above of #16 at San Geronimo–the site of a surprising sandy par for me yesterday–is by Bay Area photo blogger Jung Kim.)