Hiddenbrooke golf course, Vallejo, CaliforniaAfter several rounds with mediocre results both in terms of learning as well as score, I found more progress on Wednesday along the top quality track at Hiddenbrooke (the former home of the LPGA’s Samsung tourney). I had great friends and even a coach along for the ride. Neal Rogin, Scott Clark and I were delighted to have Bill Condaxis, one of the fine Extraordinary Golf teachers join us for some up and down fun through the East Bay hills on a warm, but thoroughly enjoyable day. (FYI, Bill also teaches out of Cinnabar Hills in San Jose.)

Thank goodness Bill asked me on the first tee about my intention for the day. I was just about to get totally lost into a self-destructive inner dialog, and I woke immediately to my desire to focus on a “stress-free swing of total enjoyment.” The result was a par, birdie, par, par start, and a 40 on the front. It’s amazing what a little shift in focus can do. 😉

Later, I tired a bit in the heat and started losing my physical connection to the target. The back nine was a 49, but the good news is that my awareness and another gentle nudge from this “extraordinary” coach helped me to have better awareness of what was missing. I’m learning that learning itself is the main thing. When you do that, it seems that the results take care of themselves.

Overall, and with another nod of gratitude to the whole Extraordinary Golf team, I had a fun and satisfying learning experience, along with an 89 from the whites on this challenging track. That’s two under my “personal par” (I’m a 16.5 index this month which made me a 19 handicap from those tees on that course.) I was especially happy with my short game (one holed chip and two chips to tap-in range) and, in general, I was definitely hitting the ball more solid.

Progress good. 🙂