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Stonetree Team Champions, Charles Williams and Jon LelandI’m surprised and delighted, and the facts are the facts: My partner, Charles Williams and I were the defending “Team Champions,” which means we won the “Team Championship” tournament at Stonetree. (This picture is from our 2007 win. New photo to come in a future post.)

Yesterday, Sunday, May 4th, 2008, we successfully defended our title with a low net score of 59. Yes, 59. Charles shot an 82, his best score ever at Stonetree; and I contributed in our “ham and egg” effort of complimenting and supporting each other. I guess that means we are “two-time champions.” Sure sounds nice.

My best highlight was a chip-in for par (with my putter) on the always tough #9, where I currently get two strokes, so it was net eagle. I also literally hit the pin on the par 3 #10 and got a tough break when the ball hit the stick so dead on that it bounced back off the green and almost into the water. (Yes, I got up and down for par, net birdie). 😉

But unquestionably the shot of the day belonged to Charles. On the par 5 #12, after a perfect 1-iron drive and another perfect 1-iron to 80 yards, my partner holed a 56-degree wedge for eagle, net albatross (net 2 on the par 5). The shot landed about 5 feet from the cup, bounced once, and rolled right in. Wow! I just had to run down the fairway and give him a big ole high ten.

From an inner game point of view, my strategy was just to have fun and not think too much about the score. We also shared my little “cheat sheet” card on which I had written reminders like “Let it go!” and “Keep ‘er goin'” along with other reminders like “Connect to the target” and “Stress-free swing of total enjoyment” from my Extraordinary Golf school. Charles put it up in the promo holder in front of us on the cart, and I especially appreciated it when he would read reminders to me as I was addressing the ball. Now, I have to scan it because Charles wants his own copy. I’ll post a copy of that card on this blog in the future so you all can see it too.

As I often say, “It’s always more fun when you win.” More details and hopefully useful insights to follow. For now, I just had to share the good news. 🙂