Tiger WoodsZen Golf’s Dr. Joe Parent offered some useful insights about what happened to Tiger Woods at the Masters. It’s common knowledge now that Tiger was troubled by the knee injury for which he has recently had surgery. But in Zen Golf’s latest email newsletter, Dr. Joe goes a step further by illuminating the impact of this injury on Tiger’s putting. I found it useful because it also speaks to the qualities of good putting that I think we all need to remember.

Dr. Joe wrote, “While (Tiger) said that it didn’t directly affect any of the swings he made, the cumulative affect of ongoing pain is stressful and exhausting. The resultant fatigue would make it harder to focus on those critical putts inside 10 feet, and would explain why he was missing the putts that he is usually the best in the world at holing. If it’s hard to focus on path and pace, there is a tendency to steer the putt, and that’s what it looked like Tiger was doing on the short ones. It matches his description of having no trouble on the long putts, but on the short ones feeling like he was ‘dragging’ the putter through the stroke instead of releasing freely.”

Thanks, Dr. Joe! I’ll try to remember that. 😉 (The complete April Zen Golf e-newsletter can be read by clicking here, and/or you can subscribe by clicking here.)