Happy Springtime!Well, after playing 13 really good holes last week, this week, I progressed in style by shooting 17 really good holes. I think I’d have to call them the best 17 of my life!

Last Saturday, at Rooster Run, I was only 7 over par after 17 holes before a triple bogie blow up on the last hole. Wow! I would have actually broken 80 (not that I was thinking about that before hand) if I had been able to par the last hole. I had 10 pars and 7 bogies, plus the triple for an 82. Amazing. What I learned at Extraordinary Golf playing school is really working.
And, I had a great lesson in it’s all about the focus because (thanks to a social commitment of my wife’s) I got to go out the next day, Sunday (I cashed in my prize from the tournament) and shot a 98 at Stonetree. After the remarkable success on Saturday, I just wasn’t present and I was physically tired. What a difference.

Shooting as consistently as I did on Saturday following upon the solid performance the week before gives me hope that I may actually be on my way toward becoming the single-digit handicap golfer that I wanna be.

The key seems to be building the ability to stay present, free, joyous and physically grounded & centered for the full 18 holes. I’m encouraged by the fact that I’ve been able to this for increasing durations. And I’m excited by the fact that I’m doing it with awareness and swing practices that seem to be repeatable. Isn’t that the holy grail of golf? Consistency or repeatability?

I’m fascinated to see how this journey progresses. I’m getting to play at the Olympic Club tomorrow, Wednesday; and Sunday, my partner Charles Williams and I will defend our Team Championship at Stonetree.

Stay tuned.