I got to play Peacock Gap on a beautiful afternoon yesterday and played very inconsistently. As far as score goes, a 98 on that course pretty much sucks in cheap cialis 20mg my book; but, you know what? I am clearer than ever before about what went wrong, and that’s a great step in the right direction toward learning to play better golf.

Thanks in large part to my recent Extraordinary Golf school experience, I am more aware than ever that I was not connected to my easeful resources. While I was at the golf school, I invented an intention that I called my “stress-free swing of enjoyment.” Simply stated, that’s the playful swing where I just let it go. Not unconsciously, but also not with the kind of trying-too-hard, blocked energy that I let take over much of yesterday’s round.

Sure, there were some good shots and even one birdie; but as a body awareness professional and friend that I’m working with, Sabine Grandke-Taft, told me, “You have to know what you do before you can do what you want.” In this way, I am waking up to what I’m doing so that I can learn to swing like I want. This is actually a wonderful and empowering awareness that I am sure will ultimately produce more fun and enjoyment along with less stress and lower scores.

Stay tuned.