Golf Club at Terra LagoMy back is back to a healthy state and my game order generic viagra seems to be on the mend as well. I just got back from The Golf Club at Terra Lago near Palm Springs last Wednesday night where I attended an Extraordinary Golf playing school called “The Art of Scoring” with Fred Shoemaker and associates. Fred, in case you don’t know, is the author of what I consider one of the few must read golf books: Extraordinary Golf: The Art of the Possible. Extraordinary Golf book coverHe is also an extraordinary human being and a truly remarkable teacher, as well as an inspiring golfer. Truly, if the golf gods were going to grant me anyone’s golf swing; it wouldn’t be Tiger’s swing that I would choose. It would be Fred’s.

I learned so much in three and a half days that I’ll have to let it trickle out in a series of blog posts. So, just a couple of bottom line results for openers: I became aware of how little I’ve really been committed to staying with my focus on ease; and I improved my ability to focus on an intention other than scoring (like ease, freedom, connection to the target, etc.) and learned how that can help my mind to stay out of the way. I believe that, for me at least, this will lead to better scoring.

I also got far better connected to what I now know is one of the essential basics of the game. I found out what it means to take the club back down the line with a real shoulder turn. I know this sounds basic, but I think I’ve got this in my body now in a way that I can actually feel the line and my connection to the target. I’m excited by the results I’m seeing already, including added power. As one participant in the golf school said, “Swing easy and learn to accept the extra distance.” ๐Ÿ˜‰

Overall, the school was way more than I could have imagined (even though I LOVED the “foundation” school that I did about 3 years ago.)

I’ll share much more, but the exciting news is that in spite of being in the midst of this swing change (and extended attitude shift), I shot an 89 on Sunday at the always challenging Stonetree with two triples, a birdie and seven pars. One of my best rounds in a long time.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me for the Tournament at Stonetree this Sunday, and stay tuned for more of how I’m actually using ease and my own natural abilities to play better golf (and have a happier life). ๐Ÿ™‚