My recurring contemplations and practical experiences of letting go on the golf course reminded me of that old Janis Joplin song:

sunset on golf course

“Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.”

That idea popped into my mind again Thursday when I felt I was letting go of some physical tightness in a yoga class… Yet, somehow, the irony still amazes me that I need to practice letting go, but I do. And then today I received this quote which is attributed to a now deceased golfer named Jerry Wolfe who said,

“I am dying of cancer, and I still get nervous over a four foot putt.”

I’m glad that I’m not the only one who takes this game too seriously sometimes.

I’ve also been reflecting on the quicker pace that some of the young golfers who are playing well this week at the Mercedes-Benz Championship are demonstrating. In fact, they are being praised by Nick Faldo and others on The Golf Channel for this style of play. Most importantly, to me, it seems more naturally reactive (in a good way). I even heard one sound bite (I think it was Aaron Baddeley) where this approach was compared to hitting a tennis ball or a baseball. It’s more like simply stepping up and just hitting the ball (without too much time to think).

I think it’s funny how most of us seem to need to unlearn stuff in order to reconnect with what we already know; but, in the process, I know that we make better use of the natural abilities that we already have.

This is one of the things that I love most about learning about living by playing golf. I think that by learning to let go and swing with more freedom, I am getting closer to really living full out, as well as to playing better golf.

Just my 2 cents. More to come…