The Gift of a Golf Tip: Let It Go & Have FunMy “Let It Go” reminder below led me to remark on the second tee yesterday — to my buddies — that I was not only committing to letting every shot go; but more surprisingly, I also said that I imagined it would be like “every swing is a celebration!” It was one of those good feeling thoughts that just came bubbling up from within. (I LOVE those.)

Combined with my increased use of The Quick Coherence Technique from Heart Math (there’s a little Holiday golf tip gift for you if you haven’t experimented with this technique, and thanks for Kris Moe‘s e-newsletter for the link), my “let it go consciousness” led to a two-under-my-personal-par 91 (despite a loss of focus, physical let down triple bogie on both of the last two holes.) My current index is 17.4, so I’m a 21 handicap at Stonetree.

Over all, I drove the ball more consistently. I had a better feel around the greens and felt especially good about my short irons (putting a number of approach shots quite close to the hole and hitting the green on the par 3 #8 less than a foot from the hole.) For the most part, I just felt more comfortable with my swing. My “let it go” focus also helped me have more fun; and we all know (don’t we?) that the more fun you’re having, the better you are going to play.

So here’s wishing you much joy and fun (an ecstatic feeling of celebration in every swing and every action), both on the course and off, throughout the New Year. May all of us fully embrace both the joy of golfing and the joy of being alive.