The Joy of Letting It Go | Golf Balls Christmas TreeI was at a Holiday party last night where instead of singing “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow,” they sang, “Let It Go, Let It Go, Let It Go.” What a great reminder. Not only is this a regular contemplation and challenge for me and most golfers (in my not-so-humble opinion), but the theme seems to be speaking to me from many voices.

For example, I got a very nice email newsletter today from Vision54 and among the quotes that they included from their very excellent new book, “The Game Before The Game” was a reminder that their purpose (and mine) is:

“…to make you a technically better player by making you less technical. (What they teach is) …about breaking down the wall between you and the game…”

They also asked great questions about things like why I love the game of golf so much and when I have the most fun playing golf. Very worthy things to keep in mind in order to nurture a more free-flowing attitude on the course.

Speaking of which I also happened to catch an NBA coach on TV in the locker room reminding his team to let it go and play free. He spoke of getting “wild and crazy” (no kidding), and I felt even more inspired than ever to swing free and easy.

May you have the Happiest of Holidays and a New Year where you let it go, let it go, let it go.