Peacock Gap #18Today, I had the pleasure of being one of the first golfers in the world to experience the newly renovated Peacock Gap golf course, here in my home town of San Rafael, California. As part of a pre-opening “media day,” I played with golf media mogul-in-the-making, Scott Clark of LostBall and Golf Smarter podcast‘s Fred Greene. The course opens to the public tomorrow, Thursday, November 29th.

Bottom line, the new Peacock Gap is a treat. In fact, it was kind of thrilling to play what used to be an old familiar layout and to have a completely different golfing experience. In other words, it’s not only new–and goodness knows that the greens needed to be redone–but it’s also very different. In fact it’s upgraded to be much more challenging, much more target-style golf, and much less forgiving. The less forgiving part is due to many large and deep sand traps, all strategically placed (of course) by the renowned golf course designer Forrest Richardson. Peacock Gap #10It’s all in lovely good taste including the return of a whole lot of native Northern California grasses which can gobble up your ball in a hurry. (I even lost a ball to some of these lovely native grasses which were growing right above one of the sand traps.)

Also, keeping your interest on virtually every hole are some new and very large earth mounds and smaller and dramatically shaped greens. And these new greens are not only fast and smooth, but they also sometimes have quite intense undulations (including the double tiered new green on the brand new short par 4, 7th–which Scott was the first one ever to drive–“The Groove” on #14, a “thumb-print” indentation in the middle of #10 shown just above, and the severe ridge on #18, which is shown in the first picture in this post.) Peacock Gap #6All photos courtesy of Peacock Gap.

It’s hard to summarize all the changes, but overall I was delighted to see an old friend come to life so dramatically. Other examples, include the fact that the former short par 4, #6 shown here is now a par 3 with the pond enhanced by a lovely wall. There are new walls and bridges in many places and even the placement of many of the cart paths makes more sense now, most notably the new trail behind #3.

One little treat I wouldn’t want to have missed is the new elevated tee box for the tips on the new short par 4, #7 which is up a trail well above where the old par 3 tee box used to be in the woods. Peacock Gap is still relatively short, a par 71 and extremely walkable. Playing the tips didn’t make it any easier, but the new rating is only 122 from the Peacock Gap #16back tees.

I’m including PDF download links below for the new scorecard, logo and the new hole-by-hole course narrative for those who want more details. Bottom line, I can’t tell you how pleased I am to have another top quality track to add to our options in Marin County and the San Francisco Bay Area.

The new Peacock Gap is sure to provide many enjoyable challenges for years to come. And while I’m sure there will be “discussions” about whether some of the greens are too crazy etc. (several are certainly highly unusual), overall, this is now a transformed and much more interesting golf course. Where once there was a local walk that might have boosted your ego with flat greens that yielded birdies and pars too easily and which presented very few serious difficulties, there is now a real player’s golf course that makes you think and requires quality shots. Yay!

Click here to download the new scorecard, logo and some pictures >>

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