Ram DassAnother benefit of spending time with the Shivas Irons Society (SIS) last week was being reminded that I had bought but cheap articles (true confession) not watched a DVD that The Society sells of a Ram Dass talk on “Golf and the Spirit.” Other SIS members raved about the DVD so I screened it last night and was delighted. This is true classic stuff from an SIS event in 1995 when Ram Dass was quite obviously deep into the process of expanding his already expanded consciousness through our beloved game of golf.

If you like Ram Dass and you like golf, then this is a “must see.” He’s speaking to a sophisticated audience that includes Michael Murphy and Fred Shoemaker, and in true Ram Dass style telling it like it is. Worthy of repeat viewing. Among many other things, Ram Dass talks about how golf let’s us “delight in our foibles rather than being trapped by them.” Here’s my favorite quote:

“The game of golf is an exquisite practice for cultivating the qualities of mind that, in the long run, relieve suffering for you and other people… You have an attraction to and the skills in, and the involvement with something that is basically a vehicle for Libertation.”

And you thought that we were just playing a game! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I think you’ll be glad you did.