Poppy Hills Golf CourseI had a great time cheap cialis 20mg on Saturday playing the beautiful Poppy Hills Golf Course in the exquisite Pebble Beach area of the Monterey Peninsula. My host was none other than Steve Cohen, the president of the Shivas Irons Society. Thanks, Steve!

I was also pleased to shoot a 90, 3-under my “personal par” (as an 18.2 index I had a 21 handicap on that course.) I’m continuing to work successfully with the short game tips that I learned from Dr. Joe Parent (including “longer not harder” on putting and holding my finish both putting and chipping) and the slow-mo, “tai chi” practice swing also mentioned below.

One fun dimension that extended these new kinds of confidence was finding myself saying to myself, seemingly spontaneously, “trust it” while standing over putts. I didn’t count 3 putts, but there weren’t that many. One “big number” but otherwise pretty consistent golf.

My swing of ease is becoming less of a concept, finally, and I think largely due to more conscious breathing and centering on the course, and to the increased awareness of my full swing that’s coming from the much more conscious slow-mo practice swings. (Yes, I know that I used the word “conscious” twice in that last sentence. I think I just may be slowly becoming more awake on the golf course.) The result is that I’m actually “slowing it down” enough not to get too quick (most of the time… fewer hooks) while not giving up much power because I’m making solid contact more often. Progress is good. 😉

I’m so grateful to be playing this fascinating game, having lots of fun, enjoying awesome company and appreciating such natural beauty on the course, while being able to continue to learn and grow.

Thanks for reading!