Some of the great take-away lessons that I learned from spending a little time–actually wonderful playing lesson time–with Dr. Joe Parent (see below) were keys that have reinforced the value of holding my finish, especially while putting and chipping. It has been surprising to me how much more solid these critical short game shots feel now. Holding the finish really ensures that you come THROUGH the ball. I know it’s a common golf tip, but it seems to be sinking in more than before and helping me to make these strokes more consistent. A bit of my progress is captured in this beautiful shot, with the Napa Valley’s fall vineyards in the background… but maybe I should have kept my head down longer. 😉

Putting in November at Napa's Eagle Vines

Last Sunday (as also mentioned below) was just an exquisite fall day at beautiful Eagle Vines. Photo by Fred Greene, host of which is recommended listening via iTunes or Fred’s website.