I mean this in two ways:

First, I am hereby encouraging your comments and was inspired by yesterday’s comment by Jon Pappas attached to the “Golf Gods Give Me a Gift” post below.

I also want to acknowledge the sweet encouragement of little comments like Jon’s “Nice job beating your personal par.” In fact, one of the things that I really appreciated about working with Dr. Joe Parent were his array of positive thoughts and mental images that encouraged my progress.

“Personal par” is a great example. I could easily have been disappointed with a 90 because it could have been better rather than celebrating the progress with the observation that I beat my personal par (which then led to Jon’s further encouragement.)

Joe also encouraged me to say something positive about each shot FIRST before my immediate tendency to criticize and say what was wrong. This is something that I’ve been working on in my business for a long time.

A friend told me to “Focus on what I’m doing right.” That lesson has been huge. Like many people, my default tendency is to focus on what’s not getting done and where I don’t feel “good enough.” When I focus on the little bit-by-bit pieces of progress and the areas where I do feel effective, then things seem to go much better. And, most importantly, I am happier all along the way. It just works.

Now, thanks to all of the encouraging comments that I’m attracting from you, Joe and others, I’m making more progress with my golf as well. More on that soon. Thanks for reading.