I’ve been quiet because I really didn’t have much to say about my poor performance in the last Stonetree tournament. In fact, I came in dead last, net 88, after taking a 13 on the #1 handicap #9 and a 10 on another hole. Just wasn’t my day.

I did take a lesson the day before the tourney which felt like a good idea at the time. I guess not. Yes, I’m still happy playing and my game is progressing. Bottom line, it’s just “onward!” from here.

I had a good practice yesterday. I’m getting a feel for a more confident and consistent swing. At least I think that I am… And I’m looking forward to playing Spyglass Hill in Carmel on Oct 14th as part of the informal John Denver Memorial Tournament. It’s the 10th Anniversary of the day Denver died and some guys I know actually played golf with him that fateful day.