I’ve always loved this 12 Step perspective. In life and in golf, all we can hope for is progress, one day (or round) at a time. So I’m happy. I’m making progress.

Here’s a quick update…

I finished 5th in the Stonetree Club Championship and I’m in 7th place in their Player of the Year competition. I’m not likely to win, but it’s still much fun. I shot a 92 net 68 in the first round of the two-day Championship, so I played “in the final group on Sunday.” But a 99 net 75 on day two kept me from winning a coveted glass trophy. Just the same, it was progress. And since then, I’ve shot two more 92’s. One last Wednesday at Indian Valley and they other last Saturday at Eagle Vines. In general, my ball striking and driving in particular are more dependible.

In addition to the remembrance of my target (see below) and pivoting around left side (see “Right Sided Swing” below), I’ve also developed a better awareness of the club face, a more relaxed swing and a more stable grip. All of this seems to be working together for more satisfying rounds. And even more importantly, I’m just having fun… which also helps. More to come.