My target...Tomorrow’s the big two-day tournament at Stonetree. Wednesday, I had an awesome time with some members of the Shivas Irons Society at Pasatiempo (even tho, once again, my scoring was not a pleasure.) What a beautiful place! And what a great golf society!

I’m realizing that I am still waking up to my swing and still working to stay conscious of the whole thing. Just thinking about that and writing about it raises my awareness. And I’m excited about swinging smoothly enough to be present to my whole swing. I first felt this at an Extraordinary Golf school where we did practice swings for a period of time with our eyes closed. A great exercise!

I was also touched by a brief piece of coaching input that I got from Marshall Gavre, an Extraordinary Golf coach who I was lucky enough to play with at the Shivas Irons event. He pointed out that I was putting so much energy into what I’ve been working on with my grip and take away, such that I was loosing my connection to my target. Ouch, but YAY! Right on, Marshall. Thanks so much. What a concept. 😉 Of course, I need to stay focused on my target. That’s what it’s all about… delivering the ball to the target.

Now let’s see if any of this can translate into some great results in the Stonetree Club Championship this weekend? And whatever happens, I know that I’m going to have fun playing and learning… Stay tuned.

And speaking of performance expectations and Shivas Irons, I was also delighted to play with and meet Hilton Tudhope whose latest entry in his “A Golfer’s Journal” series of essays is called “Embracing Failure.” I highly recommended it. I’ll be remembering several of his thoughts tomorrow as well, and hopefully they will help me stay more at peace with myself. Not only do I hope that I “don’t suck,” but I’ll also be giving up hope of a better past. Click here to read “Embracing Failure” >>