Gary Edwin teaches a golf swing which keeps your weight on your left sideI played better on Saturday. Progress, not perfection. I shot a 93 from the blues at Petaluma’s Rooster Run, but was only 12 over through 15 holes before going 8 and 7 on #16 and #17 (both quadruple bogies). It’s amazing how quickly things can go downhill, isn’t it?

Anyway, in general my putting feels much more solid and my ball striking also is more consistent. It was a beautiful day and I also felt lucky to be healthy and out having fun. It was also nice to make a birdie and six pars.

But what helped you, Jon? (you might ask) From where comest this improvement? Well, a few of things, all nice pointers from friends, associates and professionals:

1. My friend Jeremy pointed out that I wasn’t using my nice, smooth, “pendulum-like” stroke that I have on my putting practice swings when I actually stroke my putts. I’m doing better at that now. Thanks, Jeremy! That tip is making a difference.

2. I watched some videos that golf pro, Kris Moe of Kris Moe Golf Schools posted on his web site regarding what he’s calling the “The Aussie Swing,” which is inspired by Australian pro, Gary Edwin. This approach to the golf swing anchors the swing more on the left side, so they actually call it the “right-sided swing” (if I understand it correctly) Click here to watch and learn more.

3. I’ve been listening to some podcasts with Dr. Joseph Parent, the author of Zen Golf and Zen Putting, and Vijay Singh’s inner game coach, among others. I’ll have more to say about his approach later; but foremost for me is the idea of “making putts” when you hit them at the pace and on the path you intended, even if you don’t “hole” them. Those podcasts are available from

Enjoy! (And stay tuned as I ramp up this month on my quest for the Stonetree Club Championship, Aug 25 & 26.)