San Geronimo Golf Course, CaliforniaI’m still learning. I didn’t play particularly well yesterday. I’m still leaving way too many chips and putts way too short. A 96 at San Geronimo is not exciting, but it was a beautiful day with the fog rolling in toward the end of the round to cool us off, and my buddies and I had great fun just the same.

And I also appreciated some nice reminders from my friends as we played, including keeping my head down on putts, keeping the rhythm of my practice swings on putts in the actual swing and getting the ball to the hole. In fact, on #18, one pal told me that I would owe each of the players a buck if I left my long uphill birdie putt short. The result was a par. Thanks, pals!

I missed warming up and topped an uncharacteristically large number of shots on the front nine. Certainly, I missed having a driving range to warm up (San Geronimo has no range). But I’m also embracing the adventure of learning more and more. As the quote says below, “You can learn, in the face of life’s unpredictability, how to stand, grip, and swing.”

I’m also still very much fascinated with how quickly I lose my ease when I get out on the course. I started out pretty well. In fact, after a bogie that could easily have been a par on #1; on #2 a par 5, I was just past pin high, just off the green in two shots for the first time. After a short chip, I saved par. But, then I topped my tee shot on #3 into the pond and went down hill from there (with some improvement on the back 9).

While practicing and grooving my swing is still very important, I think that practicing and grooving my inner game is probably even more important. I know that I can count on more to be revealed as this adventure of learning to win with ease continues. And, to me at least, that’s something to look forward to.

Birdies and pars to ya!