Hole #1 at Stonetree Golf Course, Novato, CA

While Sergio Garcia was whining over bad bounces at Carnoustie, I was enjoying some better results. I played better, hitting more solid shots with a more consistently slower and relaxed swing college essays for sale that still has plenty of power.

I’m finding that more awareness throughout the swing is letting me direct more energy with “dead aim” and it’s becoming easier for me to hit solid shots.


The result was 5th place in the Stonetree Individual Stableford Tournament and I could have easily done better. My learning process feels good too. Sunday’s lessons: I didn’t chip aggressively enough out of the rough and also left some putts short that could have easily saved several strokes and even won me the event.

As I’ve heard said, “Progress, not perfection.” Of course, there’s no such thing as perfection in golf anyway. I’m delighted to be playing, having fun, learning, and (after waiting patiently), starting to see some results again. May the progress continue.

Also coming soon, some fun (and even inspiring) golf book reviews. Stay tuned and feel free to post comments! I know you’re out there. 🙂