mental game, inner gameEvery golfer has heard of the concept of “grooving your swing.” But how many of you have ever spent any time “grooving your mental game”? Obviously, the mind repeats patterns just the way our body repeats patterns; and, thus, it follows that to make a change in our attitude, in order to improve our thought process as we approach any action–including each shot on the golf course–we need to practice, get intentional about what we want, and be aware of when we are thinking thoughts we don’t want so that we can correct them. (Examples of me catching myself in negative self-talk are in previous posts below.)

I had a new “ah-ha” about this yesterday talking to a friend who has been playing great golf, except that he has been getting the yips and missing way too many short putts. Of course, this is a common problem. I realized that the approach to grooving a better mental game needs to be systematic, but how many of us really put in effort to making these kinds of inner changes? I’ve been contemplating my approach based on ease for over a year, but I don’t think that I’ve get to get disciplined about it!

I am recognizing that to really “win with ease,” I need to get more focused on finding this kind of groove and keeping my inner game on track through systematic practice and intentional focus. This is just my thought for the day. 😉 (FYI, the graphic above was “borrowed” courtesy of an interesting site on the mental game in sports, The Mental Game Plan, developed by the National Sports Marketing Group.)