Usually I like to have something positive to say and something that, hopefully, you, my much valued readers, will find of value. I don’t think that’s the case today.

Yesterday, it was as if I had forgotten how to play golf… except that there were a number of very fine shots, including an exquisite chip in. Otherwise, I can’t remember mishitting so many shots. I think I must have hit into hazards on at least 12 holes! I shot 105 at Stonetree. It was embarassing. My buddies shot 87 and 93. It was my highest score in maybe two years. It was crazy. Cart path bounces into the weeds. Topped balls rolling into the marsh. And your normal unconscious push slice. Maybe the “golf gods” were getting even for all the good luck I’ve experienced in the past. 😉

And still somehow, I enjoyed the day in good spirit. The weather was wonderful and so were the friends. But I certainly wasn’t playing with ease. In fact, I think I forgot most of what I’m trying to remember. Who would have thought that it would be this hard to learn to play with ease? Maybe the challenge is bigger than I thought? Something like “executing with ease.” It’s a challenge to stay awake. If it wasn’t such an interesting challenge, and it didn’t work when it’s working, I’d have to give the whole thing up.

My next rounds will be up in South Lake Tahoe, Monday and Tuesday as part of a mini-vacation. Hopefully, I’ll regain my rhythm of hula and ease. Stay tuned. And thanks for listening…