Michelle Wie at US Women's Open 2007There’s wide agreement, with 20-20 hindsight, that Michelle Wie has too much pressure on her and was brought forward into the spotlights too aggressively, “too much too soon.” Today’s New York Times overs good coverage of Wie’s latest woes at the US Women’s Open in an article by Damon Hack (great name for a golf writer, eh?). Here’s the quote that not only sums up her situation from a player’s point of view, but which also underscored for me the dimensions of our beloved game:

“The domino effect can work both ways in golf,” Amy Alcott, the 1980 United States Women’s Open champion, said in a telephone interview Thursday. “When Annika Sorenstam was winning everything, she couldn’t get out of that phase of winning. The same thing goes the other way, when you are trying to live up to something and trying to be a success and you can’t make it happen. This game, I always say, is a tough taskmaster.

It demands hard work, perfection, a keen mind, a healthy body and, more importantly, a great spirit. The spirit can really get knocked down in this game.”

Personally, my spirits are good even though I still feel that my integration of the “ease of a layup” into my game is coming along more slowly than I might like. Although slow can also be good as in the slower practice swings that I’m now using thanks to the inspiration of the pros… specifically Stuart Appleby who showed me and explained his 50% practice swings in a Golf Channel segment.

My game is coming along “in its own perfect time” and I still get to have fun with my buddies and enjoy the game and the beautiful places we get to play it. So, no complaints and much gratitude.