Charles Williams and myself after our victoryThis little motto (the headline) has been with me for some time and never has it been more true than when my partner, Charles Williams and I discovered that we had ham-and-egged our way to victory in the two-man, best ball “Team Championship” at Stonetree Golf Club. We scored a net 65 and won by two.

For those of you who may not know, “ham and egg” refers to that special skill (some call it “luck”) that enables playing partners to do better on holes where your partner does not. This I’m-on-when-he’s-off (and visa versa) strategy (well, it was at least our stated intention) helps greatly in creating a better best ball score. Of course, this was no big deal tournament, but it was my first “official” tournament where they actually double checked my GHIN handicap index and required us to start and finish with the same kind of golf ball, etc.

I can’t even say that I played great, but I did somehow play well on holes where I was able to contribute to our team effort. Charles played well and it was definitely a kick to win. Surprisingly I have to say that it puts a bit wind in my sails that maybe just maybe the golf gods are smiling on me… at least for the moment.

Actually, it was that kind of day. The day started with the receipt of an email from a gentleman who sends out an informal “Golf Quote of the Day.” And he totally surprised me, by quoting little ole me (from by book proposal that I had shared with him a little while back). I was delighted and honored. He sent this out:

Golf provides remarkable metaphors for business and for life.
In golf, you have to deliver the ball to the target. You can measure your success at every hole. But, most importantly, golf shows you how to find the appropriate balance between effort and letting go. If you relax too much, you don’t have enough focus and you can totally miss the ball. If you tense up too much, your muscles don’t function properly and you lose power and accuracy.”

You gotta love it when life gives you lovely little unexpected blessings. I am grateful for every one.