The 5th at Foxtail NorthMy last two rounds have been disappointments score-wise, but thanks to my commitment to continue learning how to swing easy (do I have a choice?), I’m still making meaningful discoveries.

Last week, one such discovery got triggered by a gentle and generous comment by a playing partner. After a decent drive and a half-decent approach shot, I had just finished double-chunking my way onto the 5th green at Foxtail North, when these words burst forth from my mouth, “What’s wrong with me??!?” In fact, I think I asked no one in particular more than once.

To which my buddy Alan said something like, “That’s not very good positive self-talk, Jon.” Badda-bing, a light bulb went off. While I’ve been more aware of the way I sometimes call myself nasty names when I make a bad shot, this was a new kind of self-doubt bubbling up from within.

Thanks to my commitment to contemplate such things, I connected with how perfectly decelerating and chunking chip shots epitomizes the counter-productive posture of a stressed-out golf stroke. Bravo! I captured another place where I was “holding on” so that I can learn to let go.

Likewise, more than half-way through my round on Wednesday, I realized I needed to relax more and swing more freely. More better. Immediately.

So, I’m still learning. Maybe not as quickly as I might like, but all I can do is keep progressing and getting better one day and one stroke at a time. Really. That’s all anyone can do. Even Chris Dimarco. (See below.)

By the way, despite my 96 at beautiful Indian Valley on Wednesday, I was able to retain the mano-a-mano Keoni Cup. So all was not lost… Far from it. It was a beautiful day, amongst good friends, having fun, enjoying the game, and I learned more from my occasional connections with ease. No complaints.