Saturday at Foxtail, I was feeling very comfortable with my swing and my attitude on the range. Hitting most shots pretty solid. But the first hole ate me up and I never quite found my groove.

It’s funny how illusive the ease of letting it go can be. Maybe it was tiredness. I walked and got a good workout keeping up with the guys in carts. That felt good. I need to lose some of the weight I gained in Hawaii.

Partially, it was also the slick greens that I couldn’t quite seem to read. Who knows? But, it’s an all too familiar story of shooting a score like a 99 and knowing that I’m a much better golfer than that. In fact, I’ve played much better recently (see below).

I still feel very happy about what I’m learning, but I’m probably trying too hard to groove my smooth, easy swing. I guess I could call that getting uneasy about ease. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Certainly, it’s more of that trying too hard thing.

What I’m doing is working sometimes and the power is there when my timing is good. “The Hula of Rhythm & Ease.” I wasn’t quite able to let it go the way I did on the range. Maybe it’s just practice and conditioning more than anything. “I believe.” I know where I’m going. I’m willing to be patient. I appreciate you hanging in there too (by reading).

I’m ramping up for my ultimate mental challenge of the moment. Playing in the Stonetree two-man tournament on the 20th, but I’ll have more rounds to report on before then…. including a mano-a-mano match on Wednesday that we call “The Keoni Cup.” Stay tuned.