Stephen Jackson, Golden State WarriorsSometimes my golf game is inspired by the performance of athletes in other sports. From last night’s miraculous (yes, I Believe!) underdog victory for our Golden State Warriors, my inspiration was Stephen Jackson. Jackson “let it go” so well that he hit something like seven three-point shots and was the top scorer for the Warriors (within another great team effort).

One of the TNT commentators said that “he doesn’t care… and I mean that in the best way.” In other words, he’s fearless. This is the same quality I aspire to with my golf swing. Freedom is just another word for letting it go. Swinging with ease and freedom. Ironically, there is real power in this approach. There’s nothing wimpy about it.

This is also connected to the experience that I have shared below regarding the fluid feeling that I call “the ease of a layup.” I’m still working with this feeling (remembering it, forgetting it and reminding myself again).

I remember also Dr. Joseph Parent, author of Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game talking about hitting drives as if they are lay ups. Unlike basketball players who have relatively small targets on their long shots, we have big ones. Fairways. Somehow for me, this makes it easier to focus on a target in the middle of the fairway (or wherever) and then just let my swing go with the intention of delivering the ball to that target.

These will be my swing thoughts when I play tomorrow: The Freedom of Letting Go, The Ease of a Lay Up and The Hula of Rhythm and Ease (see below). I’ll let you know how it goes.