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Ocean Course, White Tees

Nice to be back in Hawaii, even though the grain in the greens adds to the challenge. (Did I really start this post with a gripe?!) I’m very happy to be back on the Big Island and getting the chance to play Kona Country Club which I’ve never played before.

Despite having just come off the plane yesterday, I walked out onto the range and found my rhythm pretty quickly, taking it easy, and then taking the memory of those relaxed hits (that work better and go at least as far, if not further) to the course. Distances are different with the heavier air, and the grain of the greens etc was just part of the game really. I’m happy to break 90 anytime these days and feel like I’m starting to really be able to let it go, to relax with every swing (or most), and play within myself. It’s working!

(Tomorrow, I’m giving my EBiz Express, What Every Business Should Know about Internet Marketing keynote to the Kona Chamber of Commerce.)