Foxtail North Course, Rohnert Park, CAThe momentum of swinging with ease and the relaxed rhythm of a lay up continued Wednesday with a mini-breakthrough 89 at San Geronimo. This was my first time breaking 90 in six months (whew!) and the first time ever on that tough course.

However, yesterday at Foxtail North, a much easier course, despite 6 pars, I shot a disappointing 97. The good news is that upon reflection, I realized how much I was back to my old uneasy ways of trying too hard and not swinging with ease. Habits are not so easy to change. I’d think it would be easier to remember to take it easy, have fun and just let it go. Obviously not.

I’ve been writing and thinking about this ease stuff for over a year and I still get excited by the little betting games I play with my pals. My efforting gets myself out of the natural easy rhythm that produces the best results. This challenge of learning ease makes me admire the pros even more. For example, today’s Masters winner, Zach Johnson, stayed within himself and didn’t even look at the scoreboard until 17 during the final round.

So, I’m learning from my mistakes, taking one swing at a time and looking forward to making my easy and more effective swing more of a regular groove. I’ll keep you posted.

FYI, I’ll be in Hawaii from April 18th to 27th. Swinging easy is always easier over there, but one more round on Wednesday before I go… Can’t play next weekend due to a trip to LA.