Stonetree #9 green looking across pond to #7 fairwayThis is no April Fool’s joke. Following Wednesday’s surprising 92 at Stonetree with an even more surprising 43 on the very difficult par 37 back side, I shot a 91 on Saturday on this same tough course from the black tees.

I may actually be finding my swing. My “authentic swing” as Bagger Vance would say.

I started out bogie, par, birdie, par, so was even through four holes, for one of my best starts ever. And despite doubles on 5 and 6, I parred 7 and 8, so I was only 4 over through 8 and despite a triple on 9 shot 42 on the front (par 35). The 49 on the back obviously had more challenges, but I think I know where I’m going now. I just need to learn to stay in the groove longer and get back into it more quickly etc. Real Progress.

The heart of the improvement was swinging with ease using the images from the “Ease of a Lay Up” post below. I’m getting comfortable with that and it’s working. When I take a full shoulder turn and remember this easy rhythm, stay balanced and come through while still staying within myself, it really works. Although that may sound like a lot to remember, it’s actually quite natural. Sometimes, I forget some of these components and those are misses… and that’s OK. Obviously, I’m still learning.

But progress through ease is what I’m after. I’m having fun with this, and just plain having more fun playing. It will be a groove to groove this authentic swing of mine which is emerging gracefully. What more can I ask?