Not only does the range show me the tempo and relaxed way that I hit better shots, but I catch glimpses on the course as well. I’m blogging this morning to give myself (and you if you’re resonating with this) a “snapshot” of this kind of swing because one of us (me) wants to remember to swing that way more often (and someday always).

Last Sunday, on the 18th at Stonetree, having had my tee shot go into the marsh on the right, I needed to hit a lay up shot up to the second hazard, a stream that runs across the fairway in front of the green. I made a simple, short swing, with ease, no big effort, hit the ball solid and exactly where I had intended it to go. “Why don’t I always swing like that?” I exclaimed.

I remember another shot recently that has stuck in my mind. It was on #1 at . It’s a par 5 and I was less than a pitching wedge away. I choked down on the club, took a short back swing and simply came through the ball with ease. I hit it too good. It went directly over the pin and over the back of the green (the pin was back). It’s funny how the ball goes further when you swing easy.

I remember lots of shots like this where, for one reason or another, I take a shorter, easier swing. I remember making more solid contact with the ball and creating more better shots by taking this approach than with any other. Thus, I’m using this blog post to remind myself that that’s the way I should always swing.

Thanks for reading.