Stonetree Golf Course, Novato, CAToday I got out unexpectedly at Stonetree and had a great time meeting new people and enjoying a beautiful day. It was a great exercise in having fun and not worrying about my score. And there were some “highlights.”

I parred #15, the long par 4 on the back which I’ve never parred before. Best drive I ever hit on that hole made it almost half-way down the hill, and a career 4 iron-hybrid off the down hill lie to hit the green in reg. It’s 420 yards or something. Then a nice 25 foot lag rolled down hill and almost went in, and I made the 5 foot come-backer for par.

It was a glorious day and I had a wonderful time.

Another highlight was me being down in a hole behind the 14th green, with the green maybe 15 feet above me; and since I could not see the flag, my “new friend” Charles (who’s like 6’ 6”) stood on the line to the pin for me, literally towering over me. And he told me not to worry about him (he said “I’m still quick” meaning that he could get out of the way if necessary). And he told me to just pop it up over his head. So I did. Perfectly. It made my day.

That’s what I call fun. 🙂