golfers swinging with ease on the rangeEase pops up spontaneously sometimes, despite my on-going unconscious spasms (OK, that’s a bit harsh) like lunging at the ball, swinging too hard, taking too long a back swing, or just not standing in a balanced way (I tend to lean too much forward onto my toes.) All these are expressions of dis-ease. I know in my heart that they are the main obstacles standing between the current me on the golf course (an under-performer) and the ecstatic free-swinging me that I know can consistently break 80 with abandon. (I’m willing to dream big.)

The other day on the range, I remembered to swing easy. “Ah-ha,” I said to myself, “There it is.” Why was I hiding it? So smooth. So natural. So free. Ease isn’t hard, but it does take a change in attitude. The un-pressured atmosphere on the driving range is supportive in the sense that we can really play there. Just let it go, you know? How would it be if we played like that on the course as well? More fun, I think. And I’m certain the results would be better… the scores would be lower. More fun and lower scores. That’s why ease is worth learning.

I had another experience like this recently (in the round at San Geronimo below) on the last approach shot of the day. The competition was pretty much over; and I just took an easy, smooth swing. The result was an approach shot that came closer to the pin than any I had hit all day.

Ease is something to remember, dear readers. And, when I forget it again, I’m going to use the fact that I wrote it down here to help me remember it again.

Aside: The irony is that I’m remembering to “swing with ease” more consistently in life these days. Now, I will be learning to remember ease on the course as well.

Feel free to chime in with your comments at any time…