Rooster Run Golf Course, Petaluma, CA(Rooster Run, 96, blue tees)
No doubt golf is a game of perseverance. On the tour, I’m told they call it “grinding.” In my life, I like to make this dynamic into a gentler kind of determination that has me hanging in there but enjoying myself at the same time. To Tiger (before he hit his current stride), he kept saying he was “almost there.” To me, it seems more like hope or vision or possibility. I feel like I have the game. I make great shots, but like many golfers, I don’t yet have the consistently to shoot the kinds of scores that I am determined to shoot.

Yet, I do have success. Something I heard the Secret guys on the Oprah Show call “harmonic wealth.” I enjoy myself. In fact, I have a great time… even when I’m not shooting great scores. And that is a very important kind of success. I believe that having fun out there also supports me to relax and let it go more. That and other things will support me to score better as well.

My focus over the short term is ferreting out the remaining gremlins of trying too hard. These mental gremlins are so insidious that I’m naming them “TTH Syndrome.” The classic example for me right now is continuing to take too long a back swing even though I see better results when I don’t. I guess it’s like any bad habit. It takes time and, well, perseverance to make the change. It’s coming. I’m getting close. Lower scores are more than a dream. I’m making them my reality. Just watch and stay tuned (note the new “Subscribe” link above). I’d love to hear from you too (add a comment). Thanks for visiting and reading.