Tadd Fujikawa

“I’m just trying to have fun, and to do my very best on every shot.”

If you haven’t caught the real life golfing miracle story of the 16 year old, 5 foot 1 inch Hawaiian, Tadd Fujikawa who is tearing it up at the Sony Open, I recommend it.

Besides the joy of his accomplishments and his awesome courage and spirited confidence, I’m also taking away a connection to his rhythm. Especially the way he approaches pressure putts. He takes a couple of practice strokes away from the ball. Perhaps he’s visualizing. Then, he just steps up to the ball and hits it. Never mind the huge Hawaiian galleries or the TV cameras. He just hits the ball. I know that I need to do more of that kind of more natural ball striking. Leave it to a 16 year old kid to give me a good lesson.