After last weekend, I vowed to get out during the week and at least practice. It worked out better than that. I got to hit a few balls and then play a quick three and a half hour round with a buddy. We played Peacock Gap here in San Rafael which is about to undergo a major renovation and there was no one else there (or very few people). The sun was shining and all’s right with the world. Abundance is getting to play during the week.

I focused on swinging with ease and made progress toward making my backswing shorter, and then coming through the ball to a smooth easy follow through. I’m practicing connecting to this more consistent and natural swing “home.” The front nine I played pretty well with three pars and a 42 (it’s only par 34 right now because of two temporary greens). The back nine wasn’t so pretty. I think I got physically tired due to other exercise earlier in the week and the wind picked up and conditions were more challenging. Just the same, I’m encouraged in a totally easy way. Looking forward to Saturday when I should be able to have a full warm up and I’m playing a fairly friendly course, Foxtail North up in Rohnert Park. Focused ease rules.