It’s been a long time since I played a round where I stopped keeping score. Not a good sign. Yet, my accomplishment is that I still enjoyed being out there (many times such a poor scoring performance has depressed me). It was a beautiful day and I sincerely enjoyed myself, cherishing the few great shots I hit, as well as the game itself and the exquisite natural environment. (I even had another remarkable hawk sighting… one flew right over me as I took a sand shot and then this beautiful bird landed in a nearby tree.)

Excuses. Yes, there are always excuses, even tho they sometimes seem to me to be actual explanations. For example, I hadn’t practiced in some time. So, I vowed never to play such a difficult course again without practicing during the week prior, or at least without the benefit of a real warm up on a driving range.

But the real lesson — and yes there are always lessons, and furthermore, I get “personal points” for being willing to learn them — the most important thing that I got out of this less than stellar round is that, despite my focus on the subject of ease, I have still not settled down into my “sweet spot of ease.”

I hooked many shots because my tempo was off, I was too quick, going for it too hard. Fascinating. Truly. The subject of ease is a gift and I know the sweet spot is there for me (I’ve tasted it). And I also know that I (and anyone) can connect to ease with great results. But, for now, I also need to continue to practice patience… and perseverence.

In the end, I believe that ease will win the day.